Portrait of Thiago Rosa


Berlin based actor, dancer, performer and art educator born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Member of collective Bonobando (collective theater group from Rio de Janeiro directed by Adriana Schneider and Lucas Oradovschi), bachelor degree (BA) in Fine Arts (Brazil), Theater/acting (Brazil) and Dance, Context and Choreography at Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HzT 2022). Granted with Deutschland Stipendium in 2020. 

Thiago is also an illustrator, writer and works as workshop facilitator in museums and alternative spaces.

Films & Photos

Photos by Mildred Klaus (2022)

Thiago smiles with a grey background (by Mildred Klaus)
Thiago's head grey in a grey background (by Mildred Klaus)
Thiago's face (by Mildred Klaus)
Thiago Rosa standing in front of a yellow wall (by Mildred Klaus)

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