Humboldt Forum- Experiment über das System Sklaverei

Humboldt Forum Museum


Berlin 2022

It is people with a European background who are first remembered when it comes to
the fight for freedom and against enslavement. One of them is Alexander von
Humboldt. Based on his notes and observations on slavery in Latin America, director
Mirah Laline, author Uriara Maciel and Humboldt expert Tobias Kraft (BBAW) develop
a lecture-performance that reveals structures of power and exploitation that persist
to this day. Scientist Tobias Kraft provides insights into Humboldt’s writings, his
analytical approach to slavery and also into his friendly relations with slaveholders.
The artistic team consisting of the performers Txepetite and Thiago Rosa, the video
artists Kathleen Kunath and Zé de Paiva, and the designer Andreina Vieira dos
Santos gives a name and a voice to the Latin American fighters against slavery and
the enslaved, who are negated in the European canon. In this second installment of
the Humboldt Experiment, Mirah Laline and her team explore the extent to which
privilege, inequality, and colonial structures continue to define our everyday lives

Thiago does an expressive movement