The River - Part 1

Little boat with two persons

Public in Private/ Aimé C. Songe


“The philosopher Byung-Chul Han got to the crux of the matter in his essay “The
Burnout Society”: People today are suffering from an “excess of positivity” that
expresses itself in the imperative “Yes, we can!”. What really matters is what we can do.
But how well can we actually cope with not being able, with fate, our own mortality and
death? Aimé C. Songe alias Clément Layes provides the impetus for a critical look at
the concept of an overactive and overproductive life in his buoyant performance “THE
RIVER – PART I”. For one summer, always on weekdays and always at sunset, one
performer will row one spectator out onto the Spree. Far away from the hustle and
bustle of the city, the passenger, invited to do nothing, is then taken on a dreamlike
journey, simply watching and listening.”