Bestiary (work in progress)​

Thiago is alone in front of a screen

HZT - BA Graduation work (Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin)

Conception and Performance: Thiago Rosa

Outside eye: Geraldo Si Loureiro

“A true history and description of the wild, nude and fierce man-eating peoples in the
New World” Hans Staden.
How was the first encounter? The starting point of my research began when I was in
Rio de Janeiro in March 2022, my hometown. After four years out, it was a shock
comeback and feel the city again. Suddenly I was a stranger. The contradictions that I
found there was so intense to me. Those contradictions make me think about the
pre-colonial history, when portugueses, germans and French are going in that “new”
world and writing about their experiences and making descriptions of what they
found there. How to review those materials? How to be far and close enough of those
writings? My references for the research for composing the text and images are
coming from historical journals of travel from, Frei André Thevet (French), that leave a
book dated from 1555, “The singularities of the Antarctic France – known by others
as America” and Hans Staden.